The festival

by admin· marzo 20, 2014· in Events· 0 comments tags: cinema, festival, info
First, you will ask me, what does the festival Il gusto della memoria is? Well, here are some informations about the festival: This year is the third edition of the festival ” il gusto della memoria“, a movie festival inspirated by movies and pictures coming from archives. The festival will take place in Rome, in the Sala Cinema Trevi and on a boat on Bracciano’s lake, on the 27th and 28th of september 2014. For the second year the contest is open to everyone: directors, old images lovers, students, and also children…. You just have to registred yourself before the 15th of august 2014. So you better get registred RIGHT NOW so you can take more time to watch all the 4000 movies of the archive you could find here. This year theme is ” Ero quello che non sono piu” which means ” I was the one, whom i’m not anymore”. The real question is, what does “changing” mean? ( For example: I was carnivore but i’m not anymore, i was.. man-eater, racist, slave driver, macho man, obsessive, superficial, miser, thief, sarcastic, but also….feminist, lover, etc etc…) The competition have only one rule, 60 % of your images should […]
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